Q. Is rigging bait hard?

A. No, our system is really easy (watch video)




  • Q. Is the N3 Harness hard or soft?

  • A.  The N3 Harness is made of extremely strong-flexible space age materials, to fit many size fishes (see video)

  •  Q. How many rubberbands do I need to use?

  •  A.  Just one per Ballyhoo is all that is really needed. Other fishes such as Opelu may need 2 small bands to secure properly.


  •  Q. I have never used bait for fishing, is it hard to do?

  •  A.  The N3 Harness was invented to address this concern.  Rigging fish with hooks takes skill and technique, now   with  the N3 Harness you can rig fish like a Pro.


  • Q.  Can I use the N3 Harness by itself for fishing?

  • A.  The N3 Harness requires some way to rig the front of the fish as an anchor point.  Whether it is another hook as a bridle or existing front riggings systems such as egg lead weights.  Many local fishing stores carry chin weights.  Just as long as you are not pulling your dead bait by the hook, you are fine. 


  • Q.  Can I use the rubberband again after I catch a fish?

  • A.  Yes, many times the rubberband is reusable unless an Ono tears it.


  • Q.  How often should I change the ziptie?

  • A.  The ziptie should be inspected after each catch so you don't lose your Harness.


  • Q.  How durable is the N3 Harness?

  • A.  The N3 Harness can take some punishment.  Many many toothy predaters have been caught on the N3 Harness.


  • Q.  Why is there a raised lip on the N3 Harness?

  • A.  The raised lip was made so that you can customize your own Harness with flash tape of your choice.  This lip is to protect the tape from delaminating while trolling or jigging.


  • Q.  Do I need to put tape around the shank of the hooks?

  • A.  It does help the hook have more grip.  It is highly recomended to put some tape on the shank. Then secure TIGHTLY with provided zip-tie so hook does not slide in Harness.


  • Q.  My bait is SPINNING?

  • A. Make sure that your R3 Front Rig is centered.  Also for fish not shaped like Ballyhoo, make sure that your hook is forward of where the body of the fish starts to slope downward towards the tail.

  • A. make sure R3 Front rig Cap is tight so that the hook does not slide.

  • A. Bait not fully thawed out. Bait partly frozen.


  • Q.  Why does my bait not swim like it is alive?

  • A. Hook position is important and every fish shape and size is different. So when you like the way a certain size bait swims, take note of size and hook position on fish.