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NFI:  What kind of fishing do you normally do?

M & T:  "We do mostly trolling."


NFI:  How do you think the N3 Harness has helped with bait style of fishing?

M & T:  "The N3 is perfect for running a trailer hook, and the bait will stay intact, not breaking apart like other types of rigs."


NFI:  How has the R3 Front Rig helped or changed the game of bait rigging?

M & T:  "The R3 Front Rig is a huge game changer, because you can troll fast and the bait will remain nice."


NFI:  How long have you been fishing?

MATT:  "The game of fishing has been a wonderful 40 years for me.  Sadly, the fish are dissappearing."


NFI:  How do you think the N3 Harness will change the way of fishing?

MATT:  "The N3 Harness is a game changer because a bait fish is efficiently used and re-used until eaten.  The conservation of game fish is extended to the bait fish that are harder to find."


NFI:  Why do you want to be part of the NITTA TEAM?

MATT:  "I am a team member because we have fun protecting the ocean's resources."


NFI:  How long have you been fishing?

Mr. NIIYAMA:  "15 Years"


NFI:  What type of fishing do you do?

Mr. NIIYAMA:  "Trolling."


NFI:  How do you think the N3 Harness will change the way of fishing?

Mr. NIIYAMA:  "You should have less miss and more hook-up."


NFI:  How long have you been fishing?

RODNEY:  "Fishing was always in my blood."


NFI:  What type of fishing do you do?

RODNEY:  "Every style of fishing is enjoyable when productive."


NFI:  How do you think the N3 Harness will change the way of fishing?

RODNEY:  "The N3 Harness simplifies the presentation of a dead bait in a fast and effective way."


NFI:  How do you feel the NITTA products will help with kayak fishing?

LEE:  "The NITTA R3 rig allows me to pull my bait without spinning, also at higher speeds under sail without ripping off while the N3 ensures proper hook positioning."


NFI:  What type of fishing do you do?

LEE:  "I mainly troll my baits.  I have had greater sucess at hooking the pelagics this way.  Line twist is always a concern and the NITTA rigs prevent this from happening on my dead baits."




NFI:  How do ou feel the N3 Harness has changed the game of fishing?

REX:  "I feel that the N3 Harness created a whole new form of fishing where a person can experiement with their favorite dead/live bait and rig it without damaging the bait.  There is no sewing or ripping the bait while trying to adjust the hook position.  Also at trolling speeds the hook position remains the same.  The best thing about the N3 Harness is that it is very durable against toothy fish."


NFI:  How do you feel the R3 Front Rig has changed the game of fishing?

REX: "I feel that the R3 Front Rig has brought a whole new look for people like myself that is looking fro that little extra excitement.  Especially when the fish is not biting artificial lures and there is no luck  for catching live bait.  With the R3 you can troll at fast speeds without it ripping off or tearing and it handles extremely well in rough water conditions.  Ive brought skeptic people on mh boat and ran it for them and by the end of the day the R3 made believers of them."


NFI:  How do you feel the Bzip has changed the game of fishing?

REX:  "I feel that the Bzip changed the whole aspect of live baiting and on the R3 because you have to use 12" copper wire or thin stainless wire to wrap and secure your bait.  The Bzip is a very fast and simple way to run live bait which takes less time and the bait is out of the for minimal amount of time.  We can pre-rig multiple live bait very quickly and have them ready for fast turn arounds.  The Bzip also does not rip the bait like how string or wax string does."


NFI:  What kind of fishing do you do?

Ian:  "I grew up doing different styles of shore fishing, from using a strait pole to ulua                  fishing.  Later I learned to spearfish and for the last 8 years I mostly kayak fish."

NFI:  How has the LIVE ZIPs helped with kayak fishing?

Ian:  "It keeps my hook in place so the bait doesn't get fouled hooked."

NFI:  do you notice your bait living longer?

Ian:  "Yes I do find that my bait tends to stay alive longer."


NFI:  How do you feel the LIVE ZIPS has helped with bridling?

Lyle: "I like using the Live Bait Bridle Zips because it makes bridling a lot easier. It puts all the steps into one easy to use zip ti, and I also noticed that my hook sits a lot better on the bait."

NFI:  How does the R3 and N3 helped with dad bait rigging?

Lyle:  "The R3 and N3 are awesome not only because it keeps your dead baits 

from spinning and tangling your line, it also makes it look like your dead bait is swimming.  On the kayak you canals use it to get your bait down deeper if you do a slow troll."


NFI:  How do you feel the LIVE ZIPS has helped with bridling?

Nick: "The LIVE ZIPS has helped me in many ways. First off its a zip tie so it is secure, no slippage. Also it has a pointed end which slides thru the fish nicely, easy to puncture fish wit with minimal damage. One of the most key features is the small channel tab used to secure the hook upright.  No more live bait shaking your hooks. Its a must have for any live bait fishermen."

NFI:  What is the biggest fish you've landed on the LIVE ZIPS?

Nick:  "The biggest fish I landed so far with the NITTA LIVE ZIP is a 187.6 pound Ahi, tough to beat but anything is possible with the NITTA LIVE ZIPS."




NFI:  What kind of fishing do you do?

Akah:  "Shoreline, Kayak, Jet Ski and Boat"

NFI:  Why do you like using our Zip Ties

Akah:  "I like using the Nitta Live Zips because they make rigging up live bait easier   and faster, especially when the fish are biting"


NFI:  How do you feel the 'LIVE ZIPS" have helped or changed the game of fishing?


I think Live Zips bring a whole new world of fishing to the average angler all while allowing experienced anglers to take their game up a few notches.  


I wise old man once told me that, "if you want to catch big fish, use big live baits."  Even if you are bass fishing, throw out a big live shad or bluegill and let it work for you while you are perhaps jigging or trolling for other fish.


Live Zips allow you to easily fish for that monster fish with little to no effort or experience.  You dont need rubber bands or dental floss to bridle a live bait (they don't work that good anyway).  


Any angler can learn to use a Live Zip in just a few seconds. Inexperienced anglers are able to now go after big fish that they probably would have had little chance catching in the past.  Not only are they so easy a caveman can use them, they offer a number of other benefits to the novice angler and seasoned veteran alike...


1.) Quickly bridle your bait and minimize the amount of time spent handling the bait.


2.) Keep the gap of the hook wide open for the best chance at a quality hookset.


3.) Assure that the hook is facing straight up and not spinning over against the side of your bait making it nearly impossible to hook a fish.


4.) Minimally invasive, the zip only passes through above the eye of the bait leaving the bait lively for the best chance at a strike.


5.) The bait can get smashed repeatedly and you can feel secure knowing the bait is still there working and even if you don't hook up right away.


Those are 5 good reasons any fisherman would want to use these new zips.  Novice anglers can try a new style of fishing and bring home some big fish and seasoned pros can take it to the next level and know they are live baiting at the highest, most productive level.