“Everything on the market today requires invasive rigging, which ultimately leads to the tearing and loss of bait. We’ve come up with a method that will redefine the way fishermen rig bait,” said Kanoe Nitta, Vice President, New Product Development, Nitta Fishing Innovations. “With the N3 Harness, you will no longer have to check bait every 20 minutes. You can troll with assurance that the bait is still intact and on the line.”


Whether it’s ballyhoo, mackerel, or bigeye scad, all bait requires careful and often tedious rigging. The N3 Harness’ ease of use saves time, which is critical in fishing. Even beginning fishermen can now rig and use bait with confidence.


“It’s three easy steps-- attach your hook, place the bait in the harness, and secure it with the band,” said Gye Nitta, CEO and Owner, Nitta Fishing Innovations.


The N3 Harness’ versatility also allows the use of numerous fish and hook sizes.


“Large hooks can be placed on smaller bait, which is usually impossible,” said Nitta.


The N3 Harness is adjustable. It enables fishermen to quickly adjust the hook’s position, responding to where the fish are striking.






The N3 Harness is available at a fishing supply store near you and also on Amazon.       




The N3 Harness was designed for fishermen wanting to save time, bait and essentially money. For the first time ever, field testing has proven fresh bait lasting up to three days when frozen and reused with the harness.

The world’s most
versatile and efficient bait rig
providing fishermen with
a new rigging method
that does not puncture bait.


For retailers interested in carrying our products, please contact info@nittafishing.com or

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PHOTO: Dean Sensui

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